Writing as a Daily Practice

I've long admired people with enough energy and coherent opinions to write something public on a daily basis, and while this isn't a New Year's resolution, it feels like a good place to make an attempt in vain. Truth is, I'm not convinced I'm as interested in writing language as I am writing code and doing things with data, but producing something around that on a daily basis seems a stretch.

The content here is written in markdown and hosted in a NextJS app, which isn't the nicest editing experience. I spent some time last year hosting the blog posts here in Notion because a requirement I have is that hosting this site should be free aside from paying for domain names and other small admin costs. Using Notion was a good solution on the whole but was let down by image hosting, so I am once again using markdown. I'll explore other options when my frustration with markdown has reached some unspecified level.